#EquallyInspiring by Tri Equal


OK so we’ve announced it on Tri Equal’s Equally Inspiring Blog so I can talk about it here now. I’m super excited to be volunteering with Tri Equal. The group formed right before I started working at IRONMAN. Since their cause is getting 50 professional women to the start line at Kona (IM World Championships) and Ironman does not agree I had to “toe the company line” so to speak!

I think it is funny that I have spent more time talking to professional triathletes working with this group then I ever did working for Ironman. Yesterday, we posted our bios to the blog to make it official and I ended up seeing myself on their facebook pages – CRAZY!

Anywho, I contacted them not long after I left the big I-M and not surprisingly got a pretty quick response. I mean if it were me I’d totally want the gossip but thankful these women are amazing and they didn’t really press me for any details! Then about a month later I get a really excited email from Alyssa wanting me to co-lead the #Equallyinspiring program!

One of the biggest things I loved about Iron Girl was reading all the stories and talking to all the first time women (something I think IM greatly undervalues and underappreciates) but that isn’t what this post is about!

It seemed like a perfect fit. We’ve had a couple bumps along the way but all-in-all I think Val and I have taken a really good program and given it a little more structure and consistency. We’ve divided the care of the program so I will be managing the coaches while Val (a previous participant) will be managing the athletes. Val is amazing and we work so well together! I’m super excited to actually get this program going!

So if you are looking to donate your coaching services to a first-time female triathlete or want to apply to receive 3-months of free coaching from a professional coach join us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/50womentokona/ or at Triequal.org


Virtually dropped??

So back in like April my husband found this super awesome deal on a Tacx trainer. He couldn’t resist it so I gave in and we now own this pseudo virtual reality trainer.


My bike all hooked up!

Understand, we are not hardcore triathletes by any means. Typically, I dislike the trainer but I enjoy catching up on movies and stuff when I’m on it. This trainer however, adjusts based on the route so it makes me also pay attention to what I’m actually doing. Can you believe that?! I have to actually try when I’m training on the trainer, this is crap!

Anywho, the other day Jon shows me how to hook all the electronics up on my own. Then he says the most fateful sentence! “Just remember virtual rides aren’t no drop, they will leave you”

WTF? The virtual riders will peace out on me! That is one of the reasons I hate group riding cause someone is always that person that holds the leader back and it tends to be me! SOOO you are telling me that even the damn virtual rider thinks I’m too slow, this is crap!


Jon’s bike with the computer setup

DISCLAMIER: He is requiring this so I don’t make him look like an ass. He did correct himself later and told me that the virtual riders left him behind so it wasn’t just me. Still, I think this is crap!

Trying new things

So, Jon and I made a decision that when we had folks visiting we were going to take them to try new things.

Jen, Sean, and Emily came to visit us on Friday. They were actually the first friends to see our new digs! It was great to catch up with them and since Jon and I had to work that day since they came to us we had way more time with them! We took them to our new favorite spot, the Tampa Bay Brewing Company. Craft beer, good food, good friends! It was a great Friday night! If you can’t tell by the photo Flynn was SUPER excited to have visitors!


Next up this weekend was Matt’s visit! He came down earlier in the week and we had brunch but then he spent the weekend with us! Saturday we took him to the Cinebistro (what Jon calls movies First Class) to see the new Star Trek movie (it was terrible) and hung out for the night.


Visiting the Hyatt Clearwater

Sunday was the activity day! I finally cashed my birthday present and we went Paddleboarding. I’m not sure I like paddle boarding. Strike that, I didn’t like where we did it. It is definitely a workout, my legs are killing me! I was never able to quite stand up. I think part of it was that we did it in the intercostal in Clearwater. It was a little choppy and it was easily 8 – 10 ft deep. I really didn’t want to fall in! Jon got up but then he couldn’t get back down. Matt got up once or twice. I think I’m more of a kayaker but I’d like to try it again in shallow water and build up! At least I tried it!! Here is to more fun activities around Tampa!


SUP challenge complete!


Country Heat – Day 1

I’m lucky enough to be able to work from home, which I love! What I don’t love is how much time I spend in the house inactive. I typically leave in the AM for a workout but then most days I’m in the house the rest of the day, unless I’m walking the dog, but you get the point.

I’ve been looking for something quick and low-impact that I could do during the day to break things up and be active. There is yoga but I don’t find that to be fun constantly. After a bit of research I stumbled upon Country Heat, a new workout on Beachbody.

Now, ever since we got the smart tv’s I switched to Beachbody on Demand because I can pull up a workout in any of our rooms without needing a dvd player. I love this! So I paid to unlock Country Heat. It is a 30 minute, low-impact, dance workout. I figured this would be a great mid-afternoon activity on days that I’m at home.

We have a monsoon coming through this morning and I’m out all day at meetings so I decided to get Day 1 in this morning. Let me tell you, that was a workout! It doesn’t seem like it but I finished up and was sweating a bunch! It was fun, it had great music, and it goes by super fast! I love all those things in a workout!

I plan on following the 30-day schedule so I’ll let you know at the end of the month how the whole thing is! Until then, I recommend you try it just cause it is fun!

Being Touristy

I know I’ve been absent a while! I’m thoroughly loving the Florida summer! Last year we were acclimating and figuring out life. This year we are exploring and actually doing things!

In July, Stephanie and I went to the MyY2k tour. It was a concert featuring Dream, O-Town, Ryan Cabrera, and 98 degrees. Due to crazy storms they cut Ryan Cabrera but I didn’t really want to see him anyways. However, I did get to check out an event at the Midflorida Credit Union Amphitheatre.


then 2 weeks ago our friend Jen came to visit! We took her to the Columbia Café, walked through Channelside, and took in the Florida Aquarium!


I’ll be honest it is not the National Aquarium in Baltimore but it wasn’t too bad! We checked out the fishies and all the animals to the state. It was pretty awesome and informative.

Then last week Jon and I headed back to MD for my college roomies wedding!


She was gorgeous and the venue was absolutely her to a T! I forget how much I miss my college friends until we all get together! I love these stupid nerds and can’t wait for another Disney reunion in January!


So, as you can see in addition to training and checking out Tampa things have been pretty swamped! I’m gonna try harder to update here but no promises! I am super active on Instagram so go follow my escapades over there https://www.instagram.com/kt4185/

Happy August!!


0 to 20 or #womens100


This past weekend I went for a bike ride. This is the first time I’ve gone for a bike ride just for fun and not for some training reason! My friend Karen wanted to do the Rapha women’s 100  which from what I understand was a day to get women out and riding together! Works for me!

Now, I love the idea but I am/was no where near ready for a 100K (64 miles was what they were doing). I agreed to do 20 and thankfully the hubby agree to join me for the out and back. It was great. Karen, Jon, and I rode together and just chatted. We talked about the Tour de France, Ironman, work, Tri Equal, and all kinds of things. And while I wasn’t looking I enjoyed the ride!

We maintained an average speed of 13mph (which a year ago was my race speed) and when we got back to the car it was nice to see that my year off from triathlon was actually paying off. I’ve been focusing on getting stronger and faster instead of a race goal!

So thanks, Rapha for the confidence to get out on my bike more often and for a great 20 miles which will hopefully one day be 100K.


Back on the horse


I guess that works. Maybe I should say back on the bike? My 12 week training plan for Lycra and Lace starts next Tuesday. I haven’t had a real training plan in months so I’m looking forward to a little structure. After marathon training I was kinda burned out. I was hating my job and just tired. So, I stopped training for anything specific and just started working out. Mainly, Orange Theory 3x a week. I love it. However, I’ve finally got my running/triathlon mojo back!

I credit Orange Theory for this (and carb cycling) because I’m done about 12lbs and I’m feeling strong. Now I want to incorporate the sports I love back into things. I’m still dealing with some stomach worries but I’m working on listening to my body. At doctors orders I’m slowing working things back into my diet to rule out any food allergies or anything like that (super fun here kids). Since my In-laws were here for the week we moved and my parents were here all last week I threw my diet to the wind and enjoyed showing them some awesome Tampa food stops (and discovered a few) and just enjoyed myself. No weight change (woot woot)! Now, that I am done entertaining and being the hostess with the mostest it is time to get things back on track. I’m going to try the carb cycling again because I think it works well for me but I’m going to try doing it with some meat-free options in addition to the turkey/chicken. I’m also cutting WAY back on the eggs but not cutting them out. Apparently, eggs can seriously mess with your gallbladder (who knew).

I’ve started using my Passion Planner (more on that soon) and I love it! I was a little lost with goals and such and it has helped me. Like my 2016 goal of finally completing a 70.3! I’ve started working with Tri Equal (more on that later) and things are just getting back to where they should be! FINALLY!