0 to 20 or #womens100


This past weekend I went for a bike ride. This is the first time I’ve gone for a bike ride just for fun and not for some training reason! My friend Karen wanted to do the Rapha women’s 100  which from what I understand was a day to get women out and riding together! Works for me!

Now, I love the idea but I am/was no where near ready for a 100K (64 miles was what they were doing). I agreed to do 20 and thankfully the hubby agree to join me for the out and back. It was great. Karen, Jon, and I rode together and just chatted. We talked about the Tour de France, Ironman, work, Tri Equal, and all kinds of things. And while I wasn’t looking I enjoyed the ride!

We maintained an average speed of 13mph (which a year ago was my race speed) and when we got back to the car it was nice to see that my year off from triathlon was actually paying off. I’ve been focusing on getting stronger and faster instead of a race goal!

So thanks, Rapha for the confidence to get out on my bike more often and for a great 20 miles which will hopefully one day be 100K.


Back on the horse


I guess that works. Maybe I should say back on the bike? My 12 week training plan for Lycra and Lace starts next Tuesday. I haven’t had a real training plan in months so I’m looking forward to a little structure. After marathon training I was kinda burned out. I was hating my job and just tired. So, I stopped training for anything specific and just started working out. Mainly, Orange Theory 3x a week. I love it. However, I’ve finally got my running/triathlon mojo back!

I credit Orange Theory for this (and carb cycling) because I’m done about 12lbs and I’m feeling strong. Now I want to incorporate the sports I love back into things. I’m still dealing with some stomach worries but I’m working on listening to my body. At doctors orders I’m slowing working things back into my diet to rule out any food allergies or anything like that (super fun here kids). Since my In-laws were here for the week we moved and my parents were here all last week I threw my diet to the wind and enjoyed showing them some awesome Tampa food stops (and discovered a few) and just enjoyed myself. No weight change (woot woot)! Now, that I am done entertaining and being the hostess with the mostest it is time to get things back on track. I’m going to try the carb cycling again because I think it works well for me but I’m going to try doing it with some meat-free options in addition to the turkey/chicken. I’m also cutting WAY back on the eggs but not cutting them out. Apparently, eggs can seriously mess with your gallbladder (who knew).

I’ve started using my Passion Planner (more on that soon) and I love it! I was a little lost with goals and such and it has helped me. Like my 2016 goal of finally completing a 70.3! I’ve started working with Tri Equal (more on that later) and things are just getting back to where they should be! FINALLY!


I’m so behind

Oh, yea, I haven’t posted in a bit. With my stomach issues and moving life has been crazy. Yea, we moved! Bought a house. The awesome tax lady said buy a house or have a kid…this seemed like less of a commitment! So, today in-between working and stuff I’m waiting for deliveries. Jon’s parents spent the week before the 4th with us and helped us move. This week my parents are here helping unpack! I absolutely LOVE having all the help but I will be glad to start to figure out a new house routine next week.


First Florida home!

Also, in all of this I was in my sisters wedding! It was pretty epic! We went home to MD for a few days and enjoyed family, crabs, and all things MD! That means travel, moving, weddings, all the things!!


all weddings should have awesome photo booths!


In addition to being behind in posts, I’m also behind in stuff. I registered for Lycra and Lace again this year and realized I’m going to start training. I’m looking to do my first 70.3 next year and I will need to get going again. I didn’t realize that I had taken a whole year off from triathlon and training. When working at IRONMAN even though they want you to race the 9am-6pm (required) with the 45 minute drive on either side (I lived 20 minutes away but yay traffic) doesn’t really leave much for training. In addition, I was surrounded by triathlon all day. I really didn’t want to go home and training for one also!

Now the bug is back! YAY! Might be the working with Tri Equal now or the fact that our new house is just off the trail but I’m excited. Except, that I realized that my gear now needs to be replaced. New swimsuit, new shoes, and new bras. You notice how you always need to replace a pair of shoes and your bra at the same time. Like, “Hey, I’d like to not spend $200 right now for basics” but that seems to be how it always happens.

Now, I’m working on training plans, budgets, and what is needed for the house! UGH, money, money, money! I purchased a new Passion Planner since it was 50% off since it was 2016. So far I like it a lot and I am hopeful it will help me get everything squared away and back on track!

When your body turns on you


I’ve been working hard for the last 6 months to get stronger, drop weight, and improve my running. So, it seems typical that just as I’m starting to make gains something completely flips on me.

3 weeks ago I got a head cold. No big deal right? That was on a Tuesday, by Friday I was feeling better. I felt good enough to run my 5K on Saturday. It was an awesome 5K, I would say my best 5K ever. It wasn’t a great “time” but I had so much fun and no pain! I felt strong and had a lot left in the tank. That night however I got really sick.

I’ve never had stomach pains so badly. I figured it was my head cold turning into a stomach bug. I nursed it with crackers and ginger ale but it didn’t seem to get better. I switched to Gatorade and water and that seemed to help a bit. I had to get better before my sisters wedding that Friday. I recuperated enough to go home to MD that weekend and with a bottle of pepto at my side I got through everything.

It was actually at our house signing that things took a turn. I was sitting in the chair and it felt like I had pulled my back out. On the drive home I would have sworn that’s what a heart attack feels like. Enter my Primary care doctor. Turns out it could be GERD or worse Gallstones. I’m being tested for both this week.

Its difficult because just when I was starting to make working out a routine again I get derailed. I say this because I now get this stabby side pain if I push myself too hard. Thankfully, we are moving this week so I have things to distract me but I feel like this is one of those things that isn’t going to go away soon. Time to find an alternative plan for now!


We do what we can



On Sunday, Orlando, Fl was the unfortunate host of the largest mass shooting in America. I happen to live just 90 minutes South of Orlando. Yesterday, I went and gave blood for the first time in my life. Why? Because it was the only way I could think to help. I’ve also seen that you can help by using your Amazon Prime account to send supplies to the OneBlood donation centers in Florida to help with the influx of people (for those that don’t live in FL but still want to help).

As much as I pray for the victims and their families in Orlando what I really pray for is change! Change in peoples minds about the LGBTQ community and change in gun control legislation.

Here’s hoping that this will spark a conversation about love and tolerance! More love, less hate!

I have goals?



That image says it all for me. Goals pointing all over the place. 6 years ago I was reading a magazine and saw an ad for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. I was jazzed. I had a huge goal, a training plan, and people to push me!

Fast-forward and I’ve realized that I have no real goal right now. I’m trying to figure out what’s next. Usually, the next step is to get faster. I’d love to be a faster runner and I’m trying but to be honest, its freaking hard! It is also very solo. When you are reaching toward a larger distance there are people to push you and cheer you on. You are like “holy crap I’m doing a half marathon or a marathon or a triathlon”. When you want to get faster you aren’t really like “I’m currently working on getting from a 13 minute mile to an 11 minute mile”.

No one cheers that on! Ok, other runners cheer that one but it isn’t something you normally post. Like “woohoo! I just did a sub-13 minute mile today” people are like aren’t you supposed to run under 10 minutes? And Who’s Meb? And all that jazz.

So what are everyone else’s goals this year? I’d love some ideas, I’d like to find some new motivation! Whatcha got out there cyber world??


Stupid summer colds



Why are summer colds always worse than any other type of cold? Also, can you have a summer cold in Florida where it is always kinda summer? Either way I’ve been down for the count the last 2ish days. The sneezing, the coughing, the sore throat, ugh! I’ve done no workouts or anything productive besides work.

I’m hopeful I can kick this thing today so that I can have a good 5K tomorrow! Fingers crossed!